Protecting Berry Bushes From Deer: Deer Repellents That Work

Protecting Berry Bushes From Deer: Deer Repellents That Work

Now is the time of year that berries are in their prime growing cycle. Nothing is worse than expecting to harvest some of your fresh berries only to find the deer have beaten you to them.

The idea is to find deer repellents that work but will not alter the taste or safe consumption of the berries. Some sprays on the market do contain natural ingredients, but people are apprehensive to use them, fearing the taste of the berries will be altered. Most of these sprays contain a combination of peppermint, cayenne pepper, and egg. The egg is used as a binder to help the mixture stick to a plant when rains occur so it would be logical to assume sprays that contain these ingredients will be on your berry when you harvest them. Even if a spray does have natural ingredients, are they organic? 

Deer-Terrent products definitely fill the need of both homeowners and professionals that are looking for deer repellents that work. The netting can be applied before the berries are fully ripened and removed after the berries are harvested, then reused again the following season.

Deer-Terrent netting covers can be installed in less than a minute and removed just as easily. For odd-shaped bushes, we offer rolls of netting in 18" wide and 5 feet wide. These rolls can be held in place simply with supplied twist ties. 

Whether you choose to use sprays or Deer-Terrent netting barriers, it is wise to find deer repellents that work for you!


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