Deer Netting Video Demos and Instructions

ARBORVITAE NETTING  WRAP INSTALLATION-  This video clips shows the steps involved in protecting Arborvitaes from deer. Although there are a few more steps involved in installing the netting wrap over a netting cover for shrubs, it is still quite a simple exercise. Deer-Terrent netting wrap is 5' high and 18' long. This will  cover an Arborvitae that is typically 8-10' tall and up to 4.5' in diameter. 

    • Barely visible to the eye; does not create an eyesore like florescent orange fencing does!
    • Can be easily removed and stored when deer grazing is less a threat. Winter and snow covered ground are when these plants are most vulnerable.
    • You no longer need the  arduous task of staking out a fence to protect your arborvitaes.


PLANT NETTING COVER INSTALLATION- This quick video shows how easy it is to install our deer deterrent netting cover. In less than 30 seconds this inexperienced lad easily covers the shrub with our deer resistant netting. Available in 6'x6' or 10'x10'.

No need to reapply deer repellent spray constantly. Deer-Terrent is so much easier than installing a permanent fence around your prized plants. The ease of installation means the netting cover can be easily removed or applied whenever necessary.

  • Lightweight, yet very strong
  • The color blends into your natural garden
  • Reuse over and over
  • Secures to the plant; won't blow off


THE STRENGTH OF DEER-TERRENT NETTING- This video was produced to demonstrate our products extreme strength to a deer’s bite. We never knew how much fun a head of cabbage, five apples and two cherry tomatoes would be to frustrate those pesky deer!

Although we made this video in jest, we wanted to prove a point. At the Mid Atlantic Nursery Tradeshow, or MANTS, last year many landscaping  professionals raised a concern of the strength of our netting. What better way to demonstrate than to catch those low-down deer in the act. We assembled Bob because we needed a victim and besides a pile of vegetables would not be  as fun. By the way, the name "Bob" was given for the motion his head was doing when those mean old deer wanted to eat his face. At the end, the squirrels won. After a week they chewed the netting to get to the apples.

Our netting is specifically engineered to be light weight and blend in with the natural flora. However, don't be fooled by the lightweight construction. As shown in the humorous video, our deer netting is super strong against the most persistent deer.  Protect your garden today with Deer-Terrent !

Things to consider....

  • Deer in general do not want to work hard for their food
  • Deer-Terrent netting offers a strong barrier while still not being visually unsightly.
  • Use of Deer-Terrent will repel deer from you plants. Your neighbors however, may not
  • Bob survived the Deer invasion but not the squirells. RIP Bob.