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Arborvitae Netting Wrap for Effective Tree Protection

Arborvitae Netting Wrap for Effective Tree Protection

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 Arborvitae Netting Wrap- For Arborvitae Trees Up To 10' Tall. Free Shipping When Ordering More Than 1 Product.

For Arborvitae Trees Up To 5' Diameter; Netting Dimension Size- 5.5' High, 18' Long. Will protect one tree.


 Arborvitaes are probably the plants that suffer the worst damage from deer. These evergreen species rarely rebound after deer graze on the lower portion. Installation takes just a few minutes when using the 3 supplied cords with quick attaching attached snap hooks. Our netting wrap can be installed and removed at different times of the year. Wintertime is when most arborvitaes are susceptible to deer.

 Deer-Terrent’s netting fabric is super strong and barely detectable to the eye. The lightweight design also conforms easily to plants contours. The 3/4" square holes allow for an unobtrusive look while still protecting the plant's foliage and branches. The 45-gram weight is strong enough to ward off a deer's bite, yet light enough to preserve your gardens natural look.

 Our netting fabric can be easily dismissed as not being strong enough to ward off a deer’s bite. Don’t be fooled by the lightweight construction! Watch this comical video to see how our netting will frustrate those pesky deer.

 Avoid the hassle of applying deer deterrent sprays constantly or the unsightly fences that detract from your landscaping. 


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