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Premium 330' x 18" Deer-Resistant Netting Rolls: Protect Plants & Trees

Premium 330' x 18" Deer-Resistant Netting Rolls: Protect Plants & Trees

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***Great to protect your plants from ice and snow damage!


Imagine the different applications how you can use this in your garden!

Staking a deer fence can be  impractical and unsightly around young trees. Deer repellent sprays (when they do work) can be effective but thats only when you remember to apply them.

Our handy rolls are a great deer deterrent  for odd shaped plants and especially young trees.  These rolls are 330 feet long which will give your plants plenty of deer repellent protection. It also provides great protection for your plants from heavy snow and ice when wrapped a bit tighter.  Very economical at a little over 7 cents a foot.

The netting construction is the same as our other netting products. The 45 gram construction is extremely tough, yet light and flexible enough enough to conform to a tree's or plant's natural shape. The dark green color blends naturally into your garden's enviroment.

Simply attach to the plant with a few color matched twist ties, wrap, cut and attach with a few more twist ties. Fast and easy! Our netting products can be removed throughout the year. Usually netting can be removed once  the threat of the deer grazing is no longer a threat or after your trees grow to a mature height. 


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