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Large Deer-Terrent Plant Netting Cover - Protects Shrubs 4.5'-5.0' High

Large Deer-Terrent Plant Netting Cover - Protects Shrubs 4.5'-5.0' High

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Deer-Terrent Plant Netting Cover- Large 10' X 10' For Plants Up To 4.5'-5.0' High. Free Shipping When Ordering More Than 1 Product.

These Large Netting Covers will protect  large shrubs up to 4' tall. Our proprietary netting fabric allows sun, rain and air while offering a tough deer barrier that is barely noticeable to the eye.


Think about the convenience of applying a Deer-Terrent netting cover during the colder winter months when plants are more prone to be eaten. During the spring, simply remove when there is less of a threat.  

It can be installed and removed in seconds. The unique attachment design eliminates the worry of being blown away or moved by the animal. Many plants with new growth can normally grow unimpeded out of the netting

How does this product compare to sprays in terms of protecting your plants? Sprays will work, but not all the time. Deer's taste buds will change and will eat plants that they would not normally eat. You can eliminate the chore of constantly spraying plants, or worse yet forgetting to spray. 

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