Protecting Plants For Winter

Protecting Plants For Winter

Throughout North America, autumn is traditionally the time of year people get ready for the winter season. Obviously, the more north you go, the more severe winters become and therefore, the more people need to focus on preparation for the winter.

Leaf removal, splitting firewood and protecting plants from frost and snow damage are the typical fall chores. The colder months are also when plants become susceptible to being destroyed by deer. As the winter season approaches there is less nutrient dense food for deer to graze on. When green grass turn brown, deer will usually start looking for other food sources.

Plants such as Arborvitaes and Azelia's are especially prone to a deer's appetite. In certain areas, even boxwood will be eaten. Deer-Terrent netting products offer great protection during winter months. They are easy to install and just as easy to remove. They are visually unobtrusive due to the color and light weight type of material. Best of all, there is no need to constantly spray your plants during the cold winter months. Deer-Terrent offers a "set it and forget it" solution for during the dormant winter months.

We also sell bulk landscaper rolls. which are very effective in protecting your shrubs against ice and snow damage. An 18" wide roll that is 330' long (SKU DT17X330RL) can wrap plants such as young Arborvitaes, protecting against broken branches caused by the excessive weight of snow and ice. A generous roll of 330' feet will protect a lot of plants.

You can now enjoy the winter and not worry about your plants being eaten by deer or destroyed by the elements!

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