Stop Deer From Eating Arborvitae Trees

An article from Davey Tree entitled "STOP DEER FROM EATING ARBORVITAE TREES". Davey Tree is a full service tree company that is the 12th largest employee owned company in the U.S. The blog outlines the 3 Best Ways to Protect Arborvitae from Deer. The standard recommendations were sprays along with hanging bars of soap and dryer sheets.  

Another recommendation was to  plant deer-resistant arborvitaes. Western variety arborvitaes might be a solution, but the deer will still eat them when they are hungry. This of course does not help the person with established Eastern variety plants.

The 3rd proposed solution was to use netting, burlap or mesh. This is what caught my eye! The article stated "Installing a physical barrier around your arborvitae tree is the best way to keep deer out. You wrap your tree once, and it’s protected all winter long. The downside? Not everyone likes how trees look when covered in netting, burlap or mesh."

The fact that the blog article states that a barrier is the best way to protect your plants from deer is a positive affirmation to Deer-Terrent products. However, the blog article mentions the downside of wrapping your plants is how the barrier has a negative visual impact on your plants. This problem has been virtually eliminated with Deer-Terrent anti-deer netting. Our products are virtually undetectable to the eye. In the photo, you can barely detect a netting barrier on one of the arborvitaes.

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