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Deer Repellent Products

Deer netting is the most reliable method to protect your plants from being eaten by deer and wildlife. This  method does not involve sprays and is applied by a simple netting. 

We've all been victims of deer or wildlife eating our plants; your Hosta’s looking like mowed crabgrass and Arborvitaes looking like horticultural lollipops. You've done the sprays, applied them multiple times, but in all honestly, they don't work! We have now invented a near "invisible netting" that protects your plants from deer. See below how the netting compares to deer sprays: 


We are confident you will be happy with you purchase. We tried home remedies, sprays, and nothing worked 100% of the time except this netting. The beauty of this deer netting is that it's a ONE TIME INSTALL; a set it and forget it. Protect your shrubs, arborvitaes trees and privacy with deer resistant netting.


Deer Damage Hall of Fame!

Some of this damage done by deer can costs thousands of dollars to replace. The other alternative is to wait for the foliage to grow back, but that often takes years and at this point, most homeowners believe either to replace it or live with the damage. If you happen to be a victim of damage done by deer eating your plants, you can use the deer terrent netting to nurse them back to full strength. 


Protect your plants, privacy, and investment with Deer Terrent Netting. See below for some of the products we offer.